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The sun doesn't rise...............

we'll replace it with a H-bomb explosion and a painted jail cell

28 September 1987
Our hearts beat simotaniously as our emotions lie together in simplicity
18 visions, 2-stepping, a perfect circle, afi, all that remains, antilove, arch enemy, as i lay dying, atreyu, being edge, bleeding through, blood has been shed, boys night out, bury your dead, coheed and cambria, concerts, cuddling, dashboard confessional, daughters, deftones, diecast, dillinger escape plan, drug free, eating, eighteen visions, emo, evergreen terrace, every time i die, eyes, fight club, finch, flatlined, from autumn to ashes, funeral in fame, girls, glassjaw, grindcore, guitars, hanging out, hardcore, hatebreed, her heart beat, her lips, her smile, hoobastank, hooters, hopesfall, hugs, ice cream, killswitch engage, kissing, life, ligeia, light is the language, listening, long walks, making out, memories, misery signals, moshing, movies, music, music is life, my bed, nine inch nails, nora, of blessings and burdens, on broken wings, photography, pits, poetry, poison the well, remembering never, saucony's, scars of tomorrow, sex, shadows fall, shows, sleep, something corporate, spinach pizza, story of the year, straight edge, strawberry milk, stray from the path, sun sets, sunrises, sunsets, sxe, taco bell, taking back sunday, talking, the acacia strain, the beach, the bled, the breathing process, the darkness, the dillinger escape plan, the judas cradle, the movies, the postal service, the red chord, the used, this day forward, thrice, throwdown, thursday, today, tomorrow, tonight, trust company, underoath, unearth, video games, walls of jericho, with honor, writing, writing music, xxx, yellowcard, you, your bed, your room